Flipping properties--buying, rehabbing, and selling to a retail buyer at market price--generates cash returns in chunks.   Of course, with high reward comes high risk. We mitigate these risks by keeping our costs below 70% of the After Repair Value (ARV).  This means our purchase price + rehab costs are less than 70% of the property's eventual expected sales price.  This 30% spread gives us our desired profit and protects against unknowns. Unlike what the flipping shows disclose on TV, we … [Read more...]

Buy and Hold

Our bread and butter investment strategy is to buy, rehab, and rent property.  This strategy allows us to be "all in" a property for less than market value and, thus, provides immediate equity capture.   This increases returns substantially when compared to buying turnkey rental units. Our properties cashflow from Day 1 and we never incorporate price appreciation into our return expectation.  Our low income properties are typically rented to Section 8 tenants, where a significant portion of … [Read more...]


When we come across deals that don't meet our investment criteria, we monetize the lead by passing it onto another investor and receiving a finders fee. This situation occurs when we find deals that are outside of our geographically targeted areas, or properties with characteristics that differ from our  ideal investment criteria.  We may also wholesale properties that meet our specifications, depending on resources available at the time.   … [Read more...]